As I sit wandering and browsing the infinite universe of the internet looking for ideas for this years' haunt I found some easy to follow DIY instructions for animated skeletons. Being how I just adore The Nightmare Before Christmas I have decided to go with that theme and create some animatronic characters to sing and move in my Halloween / Christmas animated light show. My goal is to create several of the characters in life size scale along with a few of the movie props as well. This blog will be a documentation of this journey to reality.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Here's Jack

Countdown Clock

This was my first paint job, wasn't happy with the lettering
 The countdown clock consists of plywood, reindeer motor, plexi glass, c-9 lights, green wired garland painted black, 1 string purple lights, and some pumpkins and skulls.

First step with the board was to place contact paper over the areas that needed to remain light in color.  Next have fun with black and brown spray paints until you reach your desired look.

After contact paper was removed.  I decided to cut out the day square because I had some plexi laying around to finish the look I wanted to achieve.

Here it is after the clock was mounted to the board and the plexi is in place with the c-9 light behind.  I found a free font for the Nightmare Before Christmas and was able to just print out the words and copied them from that.

Finished product.

Photos Zero's Progress

Zero after paper mache
I hacked a dollar store battery operated tea light for his nose

His nose is a bubbles bottle from the dollar store (4 for $1)

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Its Been a Long Time

Sorry everyone I know it's been forever since I posted but this spring/summer was crazy hectic.  I spent over 6 weeks in Florida doing research at the different theme parks and feel like I can pull this off no problem.  I started on new Jack yesterday (I think this is the 3rd Jack head) so far I am quit pleased.  The armature is going well also.  Pictures will follow next weekend.