As I sit wandering and browsing the infinite universe of the internet looking for ideas for this years' haunt I found some easy to follow DIY instructions for animated skeletons. Being how I just adore The Nightmare Before Christmas I have decided to go with that theme and create some animatronic characters to sing and move in my Halloween / Christmas animated light show. My goal is to create several of the characters in life size scale along with a few of the movie props as well. This blog will be a documentation of this journey to reality.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Its Been a Long Time

Sorry everyone I know it's been forever since I posted but this spring/summer was crazy hectic.  I spent over 6 weeks in Florida doing research at the different theme parks and feel like I can pull this off no problem.  I started on new Jack yesterday (I think this is the 3rd Jack head) so far I am quit pleased.  The armature is going well also.  Pictures will follow next weekend.